Smart Green Box (SGB Box)

Lighting Control Panel
  1. Each Smart Green Box can work stand alone
  2. Multiple Smart Green Boxes can be linked together using signal wires
  3. DAE's lighting control system does not require a central processor, as each element has its own intelligence and can act independently.
  4. Easily programing without complicated software
  5. Can be synchronized with both Conventional Wall Switch and Digital Switch simultaneously
  6. Can work with sensors for daylight harvest, occupancy, vacancy and dimming applications
  7. Touch panel with schedule control
  8. Can be synchronized with third party software through Modbus gateway
  9. Fail-Safe Architecture (If the touch panel fails, you still can use the switches or relay drivers or relay levers); Redundant central control (Although one of the touch panel or third party software fails, the other one still works.)

pdf download Smart Green Box (SGB Box) datasheet

LT2504 & LT2508

LT2504 & LT2504 - Lighting Control Driver

LT2504 - 4 Channel Lighting Control Driver

LT2508 - 8 Channel Lighting Control Driver

  1. Use in SGB1000 series
  2. Auto-learning capability
  3. Equipped with manual control switch and DIP switch for setting address
  4. Connects to external LR02 latching relays
pdf download LT2504 & LT2508 datasheet


LT2544 - Lighting Control Driver

LT2544 - 4 Channel Lighting Control Driver For Classic Switches

  1. Use in SGB1500 series
  2. Auto-learning capability
  3. Equipped with manual control switch and DIP switch for setting address
  4. Connects to external LR02 latching relays
  5. Can connect with classic wall switches and has built-in energy saving control logic for the local vicinity

pdf download LT2544 datasheet


LT4544 Authorizing Dimmer Controller

LT4544 Authorizing Dimmer Controller

  1. Use in SGB2000 series
  2. 4 channels of DC 0 to 10V analog output for controlling various types of lighting dimmer drivers (LED, fluorescent, CFL, etc.)
  3. Can use local switches or occupancy sensors for local on site control
  4. Can authorize or de-authorize local site controls
  5. Supports multiple types of response curves for different types of lighting

pdf download LT4544 datasheet


LR02 Latching Relay

LR02 - Latching Relay

  1. For use in SGB1000 and SGB1500 series
  2. UL/CUL listed
  3. Rated capacity: 30A
  4. Latching Relay
  5. Manual control switch

Touch Panel

Touch Panel
  1. Each area organized into pages for ease of navigation
  2. Easily expandable and occupies little space
  3. Simplified schedule control with separate regular and holiday schedules
  4. Up to 576 control buttons
  5. Ethernet option feature


pdf download ACS40 datasheet
pdf download ACS50 datasheet


pdf download ACS50 operating manual
pdf download ACS50 software update guide

Modbus Gateways

Modbus Gateways
  1. System integration through the Modbus protocol
  2. RS485/Ethernet for interfacing with third party devices
  3. Fast system response
  4. Supports up to 64 controllers


pdf download CC2100 datasheet
pdf download CC1000 datasheet

Installation Guide

pdf download CC2100 installation guide
pdf download CC1000 Modbus Reference

See Also: CC1000 FAQ

Occupancy Sensor

Occupancy Sensor
  1. Occupancy Sensor
  2. For use with SGB1500 and SGB2000 series
  3. SRC3-K17 (Ceiling Mount)
    - Vacancy Mode supported
    - Parallel wall switch interface
    - Delay time from 15 seconds to 60 minutes
  4. SRC3-K23 (Wall Mount)
    - NC/NO selectable output, dry contact
    - Anti-tamper protection

pdf downloadSRC3-K17 datasheet (Ceiling Mount)

pdf downloadSRC3-K23 datasheet (Wall Mount)

SRC4 Lux Sensor

Lux Sensor
  1. For use with touch panels
  2. High sensitivity
  3. Good linear response curve
  4. Good splash resistance
  5. Easy wall mounting

pdf downloadSRC4 datasheet